Product Benefits

The GRIT Python hockey gloves provide hockey players of all ages with the protection they deserve without
interfering with their performance.


The Python hockey gloves provide an increase in protection through their new styled construction. These gloves stay close to the body and cover more surface area to protect against slashing.


The GRIT Python hockey gloves stretch and conform with the arm, hand and wrist while allowing for maximum flexibility through continuous play.


A full range of motion can be achieved while the player constantly articulates their wrists with the Python hockey gloves.


Product Tester Videos


Been putting the new Grit Python Hockey gloves to the test! Calling this one the grit glove flip ?? ##grithockey ##coiltech www.gritinc.net ##hockey

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Video created by Zac Bell

Video created by Hockey Tutorial

A compilation of our hockey glove testers feedback




“What a pleasant surprise this glove has been, everything from the flexibility of the wrist coil, to the comfort of the material used, I’m definitely looking forward to the everyday hockey player getting their hands on a pair of these!”

- Connor Crisp. Crisp Hockey Training. Alliston. ON


"The Grit hockey glove offers a high performance feel with better protection than any glove on the market."

- Matt Hughson. St. Thomas. ON


“The feel of the glove is great. The comfort and mobility is something I never had in any other gloves I’ve ever used. A superior glove. Long live the coil!”

- Victor. Bolton. ON



What is Coil Tech?

Coil Tech is an advanced framework that is designed to conform to the natural gestures of the human body. Characteristics of the shape itself allows for a seamless integration with the bodily motion as it promotes bending and shifting without hindering mobility. While the player can move freely without compromise, protection is enhanced as the technology creates a guard against vulnerable areas. Coil Tech is the next step in sports performance and is unmatched when it comes to the benefits it adds.



Development Process




In-House Prototypes/Proof of Concept



Outsourced Prototypes



Final Design